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Endless legend is a turn-based 4X strategy game, in which players take control of a fantasy faction to establish an empire through exploration, conquest, diplomacy and research. The game is set in the land of Auriga, with the layout of its landmass and ecosystems being randomized per game, represented on a model-like map made up of a hexagonal grid. The map is populated with a variety of terrain, each made up of biomes within the world which have effects on the player's units. Tiles and their layout are all randomly generated to create a unique playable world with each separate playthrough. Fog of war covers the play space requiring exploration by the player's units to find resources and minor factions and races that players must utilize and exploit to benefit their growing empires. Unlike other 4X games, however, in Endless Legend the world map is also formed of separate regions. Once a city has been established within the borders of a region for the first time, the entire region become part of a faction's territory and control. At the start of each game, each faction begins with a settler unit to establish their first city and region. Regions can only host one city each within its borders.
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