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The monster does not come walking often. This time it comes to Connor, and it asks for the one thing Connor cannot bring himself to do. Tell the truth. This is a very touching story about a boy who feels very damaged, guilty and mostly angry. He struggles at school with bullies, and pity looks from everyone, and at home with his mother's sickness. Will Connor overcome his problems? Will everything be okay? Will Connor be able to speak the truth?

Conor O'Malley - detached, frightened and anxious boy of 13 years, which overtook both "thousands" of trouble. Daddy threw relatives and lightly knocked to the States, my grandmother more than a busy, but it is sad - mom has cancer and end-stage die soon.
The boy, feeling his vulnerability is a real irritant for the school bullies. The rest of the students simply ignore it, and the teacher sympathetic ... it only emphasizes the artificiality of suffering.

The only boy ally to counter cruel world becomes Visitor midnight in his bedroom wood monster. Half of it is a terrible giant, half - yew tree growing in the graveyard behind the house O'Malley. The monster comes three nights to a number and tells his friend three parables. They have a powerful effect on a guy, but not afraid, because the story of his life only began more frightening. Stories of old yew motivate him to avenge her grandmother and school abuser.

Ancient, wild and inflexible monster Conor invited on a journey where he will find the courage and faith, learn to accept and recognize the truth. This requirement seems to be the most horrible monster ...

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