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Bridget's focus on single life and her career is interrupted when she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch ... she can only be fifty percent sure of the identity of her baby's father.

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It would seem that all of Bridget Jones is just fine: a rapid career growth, an apartment in the heart of London. However, our heroine would not be a, if not always managed to be provided at the wrong time in the wrong place, and most importantly - with the wrong man. So now Bridget totally confused and does not know from whom she got pregnant from attractive billionaire or the famous lawyer. In short, Bridget was in a very interesting position. How did she get out of this situation? It will be interesting!


To all the positive aspects of the girl there is a guy, he's handsome, and has a small capital. Main conqueror of her heart's name is Jack, but parallel to the girl decided to renew its relationship with former lover. They are if you remember, was Mark Darcy, who is very popular among their clients lawyer. And here Bridget happened very pleasant event, she learns about her pregnancy, but there is little, and maybe more, but ... the main character can not figure out who would be the father. This trouble is preventing this situation. The situation in which the girl was not really simple and it does not know how to continue to organize their lives. Cope with the audience favorite whether such a complicated trouble? How could she understand who is really the one who should be the father of her child? How much all of it will be difficult to solve?

Basta, away past issues - thought so familiar heroine Bridget when acquired a good living area in the fashionable area of ​​London and began confidently soar up through the ranks. But early in the shower singing nightingales - barely subsided passion about previous adventures and forgotten remnants of a destroyed marriage, she udumala another "fun" ... or rather as many as two ...

Landed in a difficult situation, Bridge was literally saved by handsome billionaire Jack. How to refrain from elementary gesture of gratitude towards men? Apparently, the process took so lady, she threw erased all boundaries and was straight into the tepid embrace of the charming partner. And let the personal life of adult Madame remained her personal property, but at the same time met the former heroine - a successful lawyer Mark. All spun, folded together, zateplilas old emotions ...

Passed a couple of weeks, Bridget almost thrown out of the charming head thinking about adult adventures. But appeared savory consequences - the test made quite spontaneously, gave those "couple of bars!" About bozhechki, he would tell any other girl, but ... "interesting" nuance emerged from the fact that the "mother" could only wonder who exactly helped to acquire bebikom. This was the beginning of a new series of adventures ...

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