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Bright (2017)
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Bright (2017) Torrent Set in a world where mystical creatures live side by side with humans. A human cop is forced to work with an Orc to find a weapon everyone is prepared to kill for.

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The life of a policeman is sometimes quite difficult. Full of crimes and criminals do not think to end. Bright (2017) Torrent Download Thanks to this, the policemen themselves are at work. But this applies only to the ordinary world. Bright (2017) Torrent HD The protagonist of the film lives in a world where people share creatures of other kinds and abilities.

The modern world borders on fantasy creatures, which have become quite ordinary part of people's lives. Bright (2017) Torrent For Free They work, they join the society, as quite normal people. Of course, with such a contrast of living beings, there are magical orders and rules in the world, like the usual laws of our world.

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It is in the unit for the control of magical crimes and serves as the hero of the film. Bright (2017) Torrent The essence of the plot revolve around the war of various gangs, both human and fantasy. And their only goal is an ancient artifact called a magic wand, which, according to the stories, will allow the owner to gain immense strength.

Of course, such profit attracts huge crowds of people, despite the violation of the law. This alone is enough to complicate the life of a policeman, so in a compartment with this, he is given an associate-orc to his partners. Bright (2017) Torrent Now there is more to one problem, a somewhat scary policeman-orc, has an equally bad character. And it is for this reason that the protagonist's attention is considerably increased. Bright (2017) Torrent But the partner is a partner and this business is checked by time and experience, which sometimes brings their lives to the very edge.

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