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Don't Hang Up (2016)
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An evening of drunken prank calls becomes a nightmare for a pair of teenagers when a mysterious stranger turns their own game against them...with deadly consequences.

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Two teenagers spent the evening in the company of alcohol and decided to make a prank call. Calling on the first-past in his head the number guys played unknown man then got into big trouble. Mysterious Stranger decided to repay guys for their prank, staging bloody terror on them. Don't Hang Up (2016) Torrent  Implicate children in a deadly game, the stranger with every hour more and more closer to the goal. Young heroes in a panic, because if they do not stop the stranger, then that would deprive them of life. In such a dangerous situation, the guys have to do something extraordinary, not to die. Don't Hang Up (2016) Torrent download hd for free.

The company of friends in adolescence leisure time often entertained that invents different jokes, sometimes quite unpleasant to be around. Don't Hang Up (2016) Torrent However, the guys absolutely do not think about the fact that their games can someone not like it, their imagination is truly inexhaustible, almost every night with friends, new ideas. Don't Hang Up (2016) Torrent hd download.

Once comrades gather at Mike, and one of them offers a new version of a fun pastime. Children randomly open a directory with phone numbers and decide to call the first number, which will drop their eyes, wishing how to scare the user. Don't Hang Up (2016) Torrent Teens just want to make a joke, it does not occur that on the other end would be the person to whom that happens does not seem funny. The man who they called, was not an ordinary man, he was able to scare himself friends, made them hang on the wire, and shake with fear. Soon, friends will think only about how to save their lives from the murderous invisible pursuer. Don't Hang Up (2016) Torrent Download HD.

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