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Free Fire (2016)
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Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival.

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Language: English
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The outcome of the shooting is difficult to predict. Naturally, troubles threaten all its participants. Especially when both sides are seriously armed and full of determination.In the warehouse, two bandit groups came together. The option of peace talks disappears. Each of the parties is confident of personal correctness and is ready to defend it with weapons.

Voltage rises and rumbles shots. The warehouse becomes a battlefield. Who will be the winner and what is the price of victory, we will know as soon as the powder smoke is scattered and the losses will be calculated.

1978, Boston. Two criminal groups meet in an abandoned warehouse. Some have goods, others have money. Free Fire (2016) torrent hd Everything was agreed in advance, all the nuances are taken into account ... it would seem. But in practice there is always a place of chance. In this case - a very unpleasant and unfortunate accident ...

The fact is that customers need rifles of a certain model, but in fact they were brought by others. This misunderstanding sharply turns into a conflict. Free Fire (2016) torrent download Customers are unhappy and demand exactly what they asked, the suppliers are furious - they have already brought weapons and they have no other. Apparently, a quiet transaction on the principle of "brought the goods - received a suitcase with bills" in this case is not expected.

Passions are heating up: no one wants to sit in this abandoned warehouse, but they can not get out quickly. Free Fire (2016) torrent watch When in one place something very disgruntled bandits gather, who have a full-loaded weapon at their disposal, there is no need to wait for a calm outcome. A skirmish begins.

In the course is all the goods that brought, plus - all the weapons that were for the security of each member of these gangs. Free Fire (2016) torrent for free And now someone is limping, because he got in the leg, and someone shot his shoulder. Some even got confused, where their own, and where - the opponents. Despite the danger of what is happening, the participants of the shoot-out still contrive to joke and commit stupidities.

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