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Newton (2017)
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As India, the world's largest democracy, braces itself for another general election- with 9 million polling booths, more than 800 million voters, and costing nearly $5 billion -- Newton Kumar, a rookie government clerk finds himself entrusted with a task that appears deceptively simple: conducting elections in a remote village in the jungles of central India. Newton (2017) Torrent The bushes teem with Communist guerrillas, who have been waging a decades old war against the state, even as the indigenous tribals live without any access to mainland amenities. Conducting 'free and fair' elections in a minefield like this is no child's play, as Newton learns over the course of this eventful day. Unfazed with the cynicism and danger all around him, Newton is determined to do his duty. But, as they say in the jungle, 'The more things change, the worse they will get'. 


Newton (2017) Torrent At the center of the development of events is a young Indian official who has just entered the political path. Newton (2017) Torrent HD The newly-made politician from the first days of work is faced with incredibly difficult working conditions. He will not only have to tackle the elections, but also go to a dangerous area. Citizens of this occupied territory - Maksalita - are engaged in a fierce struggle with the government, and any outsiders are hostile. Newton (2017) Torrent Download Kumar, that is the name of the poor cynushu, sent to the besieged city, is forced to engage in an implacable battle.

The idealist dreams of holding an honest vote among the population, despite shooting and explosions. Newton (2017) Torrent Watch The security forces located on the site of the conflict do not show any attention to the confused situation. Everyone simply does not care about the interests of ordinary people. Moreover, nobody cares how nobody will go to the right elections. The ruling elite still decided in advance which of the managers to be sent to elective offices. Newton (2017) Torrent Therefore, Kumar's work is simply a "mouse fuss", started for the sake of distraction of public attention.

Attaching maximum efforts, the delegate of the authorities continues to agitate, calling to come to the polls, and to vote, putting aside his weapons. The further, the stronger the situation turns against him, and threatens to destroy the stubborn for his disobedience to fate. Newton (2017) Torrent For Free Partisans, meanwhile, continue to conduct bloody battles, and they are afraid of all the more. Fear and horror are a bad platform for the formation of democracy.


Newton (2017) Torrent Hindi भारत के रूप में, दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा लोकतंत्र, एक और आम चुनाव के लिए खुद को बाध्य करता है- 9 मिलियन मतदान केंद्रों के साथ, 800 मिलियन से अधिक मतदाताओं के साथ-साथ करीब 5 अरब डॉलर की लागत वाली न्यूटन कुमार, एक धोखेबाज़ी सरकार क्लर्क खुद को एक कार्य है जो भ्रामक लगता है सरल: मध्य भारत के जंगलों में एक दूरदराज गांव में चुनाव आयोजित करना। झाड़ियां कम्युनिस्ट गोरिल्ला से ग्रस्त हैं, जो राज्य के खिलाफ एक दशक पुराना युद्ध लड़ रहे हैं, यहां तक कि स्वदेशी आदिवासी मुख्य भूमि सुविधाओं तक पहुंच के बिना रहते हैं। इस तरह एक खान-क्षेत्र में 'नि: शुल्क और निष्पक्ष' चुनाव कराने का कोई बच्चा नहीं है, क्योंकि न्यूटन इस महत्वपूर्ण दिन के दौरान सीखता है। उसके चारों ओर सनकवाद और खतरे से उभरा, न्यूटन अपना कर्तव्य करने के लिए निर्धारित है। लेकिन, जैसा कि वे जंगल में कहते हैं, 'अधिक चीजें बदल जाती हैं, वे बदतर हो जाएगी'।

Format                      : Matroska 
Format version              : Version 4 / Version 2 
File size                   : 2.18 GiB 
Duration                    : 1 h 44 min 
Overall bit rate            : 2 985 kb/s 

ID                          : 1 
Format                      : AVC 
Format/Info                 : Advanced Video Codec 
Format profile              : High@L4.1 
Format settings, CABAC      : Yes 
Format settings, RefFrames  : 8 frames 
Codec ID                    : V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC 
Duration                    : 1 h 44 min 
Bit rate                    : 2 797 kb/s 
Width                       : 1 280 pixels 
Height                      : 536 pixels 
Display aspect ratio        : 2.40:1 
Frame rate mode             : Constant 
Frame rate                  : 25.000 FPS 

ID                          : 2 
Format                      : AC-3 
Format/Info                 : Audio Coding 3 
Format settings, Endianness : Big 
Codec ID                    : A_AC3 
Duration                    : 1 h 44 min 
Bit rate mode               : Constant 
Bit rate                    : 192 kb/s 
Channel(s)                  : 2 channels 
Channel positions           : Front: L R 
Sampling rate               : 44.1 kHz 

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