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The Big Sick (2017)
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Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani), in the middle of becoming a budding stand-up comedian, meets Emily (Zoe Kazan). Meanwhile, a sudden illness sets in forcing Emily to be put into a medically-induced coma. Kumail must navigate being a comedian, dealing with tragic illness, and placating his family's desire to let them fix him up with a spouse, while contemplating and figuring out who he really is and what he truly believes.

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So, in the center of the plot of the film The Big Sick (2017) torrent hd two loving young people. This white American girl Emily and Pakistani youth Kumail, whose family some time ago came to a permanent residence from Pkistan. The Big Sick (2017) torrent download Kumail studied and grew up in the US, but his relatives live by their own rules, and are not going to actively melt in the American ethno-national boiler. Heroes met by chance. And at first their communication was extremely friendly.

The Big Sick (2017) torrent download They often joked, laughed, and gradually realized that between them arose a real feeling, which soon grew into a romantic relationship. And their feelings were not disturbed by any racial circumstances - and I must say that Kumail has rather dark skin, no religious differences - and here we note that Emily is from a very strict Catholic family. However, at the domestic level, of course, some difficulties, due to the difference in cultural characteristics and upbringing arose. The Big Sick (2017) torrent hd However, there is one more circumstance: the Kumaile family is very unhappy with the fact that he found himself a white Catholic. And Emily's parents are not too enthusiastic, however, they are not so categorical.

And then the trouble happens - the girl gets to the hospital. She's in a coma. The Big Sick (2017) torrent watch online for free Now Kumail will have to test his feelings for strength, and he does not depart from Emily for a single step. And the girl's parents appreciate his dedication, and help her to know her daughter better. Film The Big Sick (2017) torrent watch online for free in high quality can be on our site at any time of the day!

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