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(Groove Metal) Murder Earth - Waiting (For The End Of Man) - 2015, MP3, 320 kbps
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01. Derailed (feat. Donnie Steele)
02. Fear
03. Big Top (Under The)
04. Tears of Jesus Christ
05. Mr. Hyde (feat. Ryan Thornton)
06. Within (feat. Kris Anderson & Ryan Thornton)
07. Shit Fire (feat. Donnie Steele)
08. Waiting for the End of Man (feat. Joe Day & Donnie Steele)

Ben Murphy (Hangover) - Vocals
Tim 'Dominic' Flor (ex-Painface, PygWalk, Shedd and Dredge) - Rhythm Guitar
Jim Stockham (ex-Dawn Of Destruction, Facecage) - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Rick Stuber (ex-All That Crawls, Vice Grip Throttle, PygWalk, Nothing and Tripwire) - Bass
Jared Albertson (ex-Mars On Fire) - Drums

Featuring special guests:
Donnie Steele (ex-Slipknot, ex-Body Pit, ex-Killpact)
Ryan Thornton (ex-Calous, ex-Nothing, ex-PygWalk)
Kris Anderson (ex-Heroes End, ex-Realitys Flaw, ex-Upon Deaths Arrival)
Joe Day (Apathy Syndrome)
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