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(Hip-Hop) Killah Priest & Vendetta Kingz - The Infinite Universe - 2016, MP3, V0 DOWNLOAD TORRENT
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01. Infinite Universe Intro (Prod. Telemechus)
02. Sky City (Prod. Anno Domini)
03. Classic Crusaderz (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
04. Galaxy Of Kingz (Prod. Anabolic)
05. Everything Is Alive (Innerlude)
06. Urban Gaurdianz (Prod. XFA7)
07. Bushido Ninjaz (Prod. DJ Woool)
08. Patriot Gamez feat. Columbo Black, Chief Kamachi (Prod. JDV)
09. INgelic (Prod. DJ Woool)
10. Forever Regime feat. 60 Second Assassin (of Sunz Of Man) (Prod. Anno Domini)
11. One Day feat. Timbo King (of Royal Fam) (Prod. Endemic)
12. PWOWR Of Promise (Prod. Stijn)
13. Infinite Chapterz (Prod. Anabolic)
14. Strange Timez feat. G8ABAK (Prod. Undergrounds Most Wanted)
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