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(Melodic Rock, Soft Rock) [CD] Intelligent Music Project III - Touching The Divine - 2015, FLAC (image+.cue), lossless DOWNLOAD TORRENT
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1. Opening (feat. Joseph Williams) (Cool Inside)
2. Escape (feat. John Payne)
3. Sky (feat. Joseph Williams)
4. Stay Up (feat. John Payne & Joseph Williams)
5. A Smile Away (feat. John Payne)
6. We Can (feat. John Payne)
7. Simply Feels Good (feat. Carl Sentance, John Payne & Joseph Williams)
8. Dream (feat. Joseph Williams)
9. Coming Soon (feat. John Payne)
10. Life (feat. Joseph Williams)
11. Fate (feat. John Payne)
12. Roots (feat. Joseph Williams)
13. My World (feat. John Payne)
14. Mind Projection (feat. John Payne)
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