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(Psychedelic/Space Rock) [WEB] Oresund Space Collective (Øresund Space Collective) - West, Space and Love II - 2016, FLAC (tracks), lossles
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01.Floyd's Dream (11:09)
02.Khan Paan (05:07)
03.2002 (03:23)
04.Pig in Space (02:30)
05.Oscillation in D Minor (10:57)
06.Anybody Out There (06:08)
07.Time Compression (05:00)
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden on Dec 4-6th, 2015

KG Westman- Sitar, bass, Ibanez Double Neck guitar, Hammond L100, Synthesizers
Love- Drums, Cajon, Ki-gonki, Qaraqab, Voice, Spring Drum, Roland SH1000, Cuica,
Dr Space- Custom Modular Synthesisers, Korg monotron, OScar, Roland SH1000
Special Guests:
Jonathan- Violin
Mathias- Delay Pedal
Moa- Santoor

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