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[TR24][OF] Pat Metheny feat. Chris Potter, Antonio Sanchez, Ben Williams, Giulio Carmassi - The Unity Sessions - 2016 (Contemporary Jazz, F
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1 Adagia
2 Sign of the Season
3 This Belongs to You
4 Roof Dogs
5 Cherokee
6 Genealogy
7 On Day One
8 Medley: Phase Dance/Minuano/
Midwestern Nights/The Sun in Montreal/
Omaha Celebration/Antonia/Last Train Home
9 Come and See
10 Police People
11 Two Folk Songs
12 Born
13 Kin (<-->)
14 Rise Up
15 Go Get It

Pat Metheny
electric & acoustic guitars, guitar synth, electronics, synths, orchestrionics
Chris Potter
tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet, flute, guitar
Ben Williams
acoustic & electric basses
Antonio Sanchez
drums & cajon
Giulio Carmassi
piano, flugelhorn, whistling, synth, vocals
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