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[WEB] SFJazz Collective - The Music of Joe Henderson & Original Compositions (2CD) - 2015, FLAC (tracks), lossless DOWNLOAD TORRENT
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CD 1
1. Recorda-Me (Joe Henderson, arr. Miguel Zenón)
2. A Shade of Jade (Joe Henderson, arr. Edward Simon)
3. Big Tent, Little Tent (Matt Penman)
4. Cross Currents (Robin Eubanks)
5. Inner Urge (Joe Henderson, arr. Avishai Cohen)
6. Four Stars From Heaven (Warren Wolf)
7. Eternal Wait (David Sánchez)
8. Fire (Joe Henderson, arr. Obed Calvaire)

CD 2
1. Y Todavia La Quiero (Joe Henderson, arr. David Sánchez)
2. Afro-Centric (Joe Henderson, arr. Matt Penman)
3. Synthesis of A Band, Parts 1 (Miguel Zenón)
4. Synthesis of A Band, Parts 2 (Miguel Zenón)
5. Synthesis of A Band, Parts 3 (Miguel Zenón)
6. Black Narcissus (Joe Henderson, arr. Robin Eubanks)
7. Locura (Edward Simon)
8. Evolution (Avishai Cohen)
9. Absolvents (Obed Calvaire)
10. Jinrikisha (Joe Henderson, arr. Warren Wolf)
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