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Allegro/OrCAD 17.2 0 x64 [2016, ENG]
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5.46 GB

Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present

System requirements:
Support Only for 64-Bit Windows Operating Systems
The 17.2-2016 products are supported only on the following 64-bit versions of Windows
operating systems:
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 7 (Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium)
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 8 (All service packs, such as Windows 8.1)
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 10
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 2008 Server R2
❑ Microsoft® Windows® 2012 Server

Installation instructions. 

1. Remove the old version of Cadence and clean up the registry. 
2. Disable antivirus. 
3. Unzip the folder AleegoCrackMasterV2_1_2.7z 
4. View inside AleegoCrackMasterV2_1_2 / AleegoCrackMasterV2 folder and run as Administrator AleegoCrackMasterV2.exe file 
5. Remove the scoreboard in the middle by a closing cross. 
6. Press the lower right corner button. 
7. In the window that appears on the second line with the first button to select the file in the folder Distr_Cadence Cadence SPB 17.2-2016 www.mr-wu.cn.7z 
8. In the third line by pressing the button on the right to select the disk where the package will be installed 
9. Click in the lower right corner of the last button 
10. In the window that appears click on the blue circle three times 
11. A window will open that will display the installation process 

password is www.mr-wu.cn

also there is a file with a reference to the video installation.in torrent file

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