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American Dad Season 12
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The plot of the animated series unfolds around the Smith family. Father Stan is a CIA agent and a Republican to the core, strong in body, but stupid with reason. Has a manly chin and always ironed suit. Francine is Stan's wife and mother of children. A typical housewife. Moderately wise, moderately stupid. In addition, he does not know his real parents. The son is Steve. He has certain problems in communicating with the opposite sex (girls communicate with him sometimes, only under the barrel of a father's service weapon). Daughter Haley is a desperate liberal, has "hippy" traits, but she is not a hippie, although she protects nature and takes light drugs. Talking goldfish Klaus - in fact, the fish in Rybka - human. The CIA simply took the brain from a German skier, so that Germany did not win the Olympics. He often moves around the house in a small jar, fingering the floor. Alien Roger is just an alien. Once saved Stan in "Zone 51" and now lives with the Smiths. Thick and cunning - these are the features most fully disclosed in Roger. Passionate lover of wigs and booze.

Episodes: 1-22 of 22 full added 22 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Animated series, comedy, parody, musical, sitcom
Duration: ~ 22 minutes

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Format: MKV
Video codec: H.264
Audio Codec: AC3
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Subtitles: English

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Courageous American Dad Season 12 Torrent Stan works in intelligence management. He pays special attention to his body, constantly improving it. But his reason deprived nature, because of what a man gets into comical situations. American Dad Season 12 Torrent Stan has a wife, Francine, who, like a typical American, devotes the most time to raising children and household chores. American Dad Season 12 Torrent Suit spouse, for example, always looks presentable, which is very pleased our father.

American Dad Season 12 Torrent Stan has two kids. The son can not make contact with the girls. American Dad Season 12 Torrent They are forced to talk to the guy only because of Stan's weapons, which the son often drags along. American Dad Season 12 Torrent The daughter of the agent also has a peculiar character. She is a convinced liberalist and looks informal. American Dad Season 12 Torrent The girl often indulges in drugs, and tries to hide this truth carefully from her parents.

American Dad Season 12 Torrent And in the agent's house there is a fish that can talk, and a real alien. The stranger once saved a life for an agent of the CIA, and now lives in his mansion. American Dad Season 12 Torrent This funny character nourishes a passion for alcoholic beverages, which often causes comical situations. American Dad Season 12 Torrent And the newcomer is very cunning, and this quality often lacks the head of the family.

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