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Designated Survivor Season 1
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A low-level Cabinet member becomes President of the United States after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the Presidential line of succession.


Year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Duration: ~ 42 min.

Quality: HDTVRip
Format: AVI
Video codec: XviD
Audio codec: AC3, MP3
Video: 720x408 (16: 9), 23.976 fps, ~ 1200kbps, ~ 0.135 bit / pixel
Audio 1: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps Russian
Audio 2: Lame MP3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps English

The main thing you truly need to think about Designated Survivor, Keifer Sutherland's new appear in which he plays a low-level bureau part who, obviously, gets by to end up President of the us, is that you need to watch the second scene before choosing anything.The advantages and disadvantages of the pilot scene are hard to haul out of the huge foundation the show is attempting to toss at you, keeping in mind regularly that would not be an excuse that lets a hotshot the snare, for this situation, the exertion requires that there be a horrendous parcel to do. 

Sutherland nails the complexities of this curious part, which makes them go up against a great deal of enthusiastic positions in just more than 40 minutes. The show itself figures out how to adjust constraining his character into one clumsy position after another and acquiring the plots and players that are going to keep this train rolling.

It does not do it flawlessly, however the bedlam of everything fits in with the surroundings enough that it does not matter.But, the distraught pace at which we need to lay out something more perplexing than just conveying our shtick to fulfillment implies that large portions of the script notes never exist as anything else. Tom's better half, Alex, sets the phase for a relationship that is just one side of immaculate in rather slapdash form, and we need to toss in a specific "female-appearing" perspective, so she is given around 30 seconds to instruct him to toss his feelings because she would not like to move. 

This is strangely exacerbated as a "character-by-numbers" development when she has an unresolved issue with Tom being President as well.Similarly, the warmongering General Tom soon needs to manage is so worn a buzzword that you half anticipate that him will break character at any minute and concede that he is just having a giggle at the new President's expense.And, so on down the line.

Maggie Q is a Federal Bureau of Investigation specialist frantic to research the bomb site, all things considered, she says she is urgent to explore the bomb site and contends to do as such while conveying lines that nobody can truly think anybody could ever say. Kal Penn is a speech specialist who meets the President under cumbersome conditions and is not certain that Tom should not just step down.No one is offered enough to do, and everybody has a lot to do. 

Amid the rushed rearranging to the mystery fortification, and the excited investigation of more data than can be taken care of, you just could not care less about the projectile rundown presentation of the spouse we do not expect to be entirely as she runs over, or the General's mustache spinning. It is very wild, and Sutherland makes it work. From his eyeglass-fiddling and nervous accommodation to the tornado, to his lone tolerably persuading aplomb he puts on with his suit, Tom is a character as rich and reasonable as the others are most certainly not.

That turns out to be sufficient to make you think they will get there.What raises everything worth the hell is that the story has enough points to push through and past the contrivance. Despite everything it craves something that bodes well as a film, yet the show as of now uncovers enough to tell us that Sutherland has changed to another character who simply is not going to get a break. 

There is no shortcoming in finding the reason to peculiar to trouble with, and those checking in with low desires are going to have a simple occupation discovering grievances, however the foundation storm merits a break here, on the grounds that everything else functions as a component of a bigger picture. The show must change gears with regards to fleshing out different characters, however there is each motivation to anticipate that it will, and in the event that it gets its feet under itself, this will be one of the huge wins of the season.


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