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Emerald City Season 1
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Dorothy Gale is a twenty-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a doctor. My mother left her in infancy, and my aunt took care of bringing up her niece. Once on the road, Dorothy caught the strongest whirlwind, and when it was over, she crashed right into the car in a strange woman in red. When she came to, the girl got shocking news - a stranger she accidentally killed was a witch, and the world where she found herself lives according to the laws of the Middle Ages. It also turned out that only the local Wizard can bring the stranger back home, but for this Gail will have to cross the whole country of Oz. At the very beginning of Dorothy's journey, a man crucified on the cross met who does not remember his name or a single fragment from the past. The next day, fate brought a girl with a child who needs to take regular medication to stay healthy. Which of these people is actually ready to become her friend, and who is the time bomb? Will Dorothy get to the Emerald City, when at every step it is in danger? And if it gets, will the evil of this place win the kindness in her heart? ..

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Fantasy, adventure
Duration: ~ 00:40:00

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The beauty of Dorothy, who works as a policeman, dreams of getting even with loneliness. Once a twenty-year-old girl-cop, the mistress of the cleverest dog, Emerald City Season 1 Torrent dreaming of being surrounded by a friendly company, falls into a devastating spontaneous phenomenon. The dreadful tornado, who picked up the frightened heroine and her amusing little dog, whirled and carried an unusual couple into a deadly twist. Emerald City Season 1 Torrent The tornado, which took the young lady with a four-legged friend, did not at all slam the precious burden, but delivered unusual flyers to mystical lands.

Fantastic landing in an unknown, enemy spot discouraged Dorothy. Emerald City Season 1 Torrent She, trapped in the Arcanist kingdom by a very exotic method, is at the heart of the fierce confrontation between the two competing reigns. An angry, frightened lady, looking for loopholes in the familiar world, gets acquainted with the metal lumberjack, the intrepid Leo and the comedic Scarecrow. Emerald City Season 1 Torrent The girl, who realized the supernatural nature of her own situation, goes to find the enigmatic magician. She is sure - a local sorceress can solve her adventurous problem.

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