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Once Upon a Time Season 7
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The plot of the series unfolds in two worlds - modern and fabulous. In the seventh season, the Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Rumpelstitschen await new personalities, a new city and a new curse. They join the grown-up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy in an incredible journey of returning hope to both worlds. We are waiting for old and new fairy-tale heroes who are in search of true love, new adventures and the eternal struggle of good and evil.

Episodes: 1-5 of 22 (save page) added 5 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Fantasy, romance, adventure
Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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Format: MKV
Video codec: H.264
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Subtitles: Russian, English (SRT)
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Fantasy, melodrama, adventures Your favorite genres? Then this series is just for you. The history of this series shows us simultaneously several worlds, one of them is modern, real, and the second is fabulous, fantastic. The main character is a girl who is 28 years old and her name is Emma Swan. Once Upon a Time Season 7 torrent Emma's life changed dramatically when her son, whom she had not seen since her birth, announced and informed her that Emma was actually the daughter of a beautiful and beautiful prince from the fairytale "Once Upon a Time Season 7 torrent". The boy does not resent that several worlds can exist simultaneously, which can not be said about Emmy. But, after a while Emmy herself finds herself in this unusual world and very much attached to the boy. Once Upon a Time Season 7 torrent In what world does the girl want to stay in the present or fairy-tale, you can find out by watching the series "Once Upon a Time Season 7 torrent".

Once Upon a Time Season 7 torrent Fairy-tale heroes, unknown intrigues, magic kingdoms and their secrets, various sorcerers and witches, kings and princes, and much more awaits you while watching this series. In the center of the plot, we see a boy who meets his biological mother, and after all she threw him a very small newborn baby. Now he is more mature, but still a child. He really needs her care and help, in a fairy kingdom, from which the newly-born mother was born, a misfortune happened. The boy claims that Emma is the daughter of two fairy-tale heroes, to be exact, Snow White and the Beautiful Prince. According to the woman - it's impossible, all this is just a fairy tale. But there is no reason not to believe she has, the wicked sorceress has captured the town of Storybrook in a parallel Once Upon a Time Season 7 torrent fairy-tale reality, and stopped the time, and all its inhabitants temporarily lost their memory. Emma will have to believe her son, as well as help the residents of Storybrook get rid of the sorceress and her charms. Once Upon a Time Season 7 torrent But first a woman must accept her fate: she has to fight, which is beyond the power of a simple person, only a fairy-tale character can cope with it. Will Emma believe and accept that she is a fairy-tale character, Once Upon a Time Season 7 torrent born of two other characters? Watch Once in the fairy tale 7 season 3 series for free.

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