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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Spoiler


Scene 1: Consequences of the attack of the SC on the CH. Tormund and Jendry are retreating. Lord Berik Dondarion covers their retreat, fighting with the White Walkers (dies off-screen?), But before this kills the White Walker who killed Edd. Edd was killed by the White Walker. Tormund and Jendry jump into Winterfell, we see a burning ChZ in the background. Undead Wieserion spits an inanimate flame.

Scene 2: Dayneris, John, Tirion, Davos, Jorah, Brienne, Podrik, Dog, Missandey, Varis and Theon arrive in Winterfell. Davos notices that he has become much colder and darker, after his departure from John. John and Arya are reunited for the first time. Dayneris meets with Sansa Stark and Sansa asks if she has a love with John. Daenerys does not give a clear answer to this. Sansa, it seems, is not very happy that John returns to Winterfell and also to the presence of Dayneris. John notices this and talks to her. She mentions the death of Mizinets and how he always betrayed them right under his nose. She says it's foolish to cooperate with Sersee. The dog and Arya also talk to each other. Arya tells Psa that she does not regret that she left him without killing him. The dog replies that Aria had to kill him, then he would not have seen behind the Wall.

Scene 3: Euryon Greyjoy returns to the Royal Lands with Golden Swords and meets with Sersei Lannister and the commanders of the Golden Swords in the Throne Room. Cersei thanks Euron. Sersi orders the commanders to take the Storm Limit and collect the army in the fortress. Robert Baratheon once told her that the fortress exists for many centuries, and she is sure that the fortress will continue to stand for a long night. Since Barateon no longer owns the castle, it will be easy to take it by yourself. They will need to protect themselves during the Great War. That same night, Eiron Greyjoy is going to have sex with Sersi. Euron jokes that she will not let her brother to her again after she finds out that Euron can give her. Sersi's face says enough. She is not too pleased with Euron in bed. The next morning, Eureon leaves with his ship "Silent" to send mercenaries to the "Stormy Limit" and take the fortress. Euron says that he wants to be her king. after the return. On the "Silent" Eureon talks with Jara Greiggia about the Queen Cersei. Yara points out that he knows that Euron is not interested in being a domestic pet of Queen Cersei. Euron laughs and says that his good friends from Braavos will soon take care of this problem.

Scene 4: Danny, John, Sansa, Tirion, Davos, Missandey, Sam, Varis, the northern lords and knights from the valley gather in the Great Hall of Winterfell. Lord Robin and Lord Royce are also present in this scene. Sam reunites with John, and both embrace. John tells Sam he's glad to see him. The northern lords are not too happy with the fact that they must recognize Dayneris as queen. Daenerys protects herself very well, but so far she is not getting support from the North. Lianna Mormont tells Dayneris Targarin that she will never call her "Your Grace," because she knows only one king, and this is John Snow, King of the North. "Tirion smiles and notices that she is a tough girl, to which Jorah replies that the Mormons never John tells them that there is no time to argue with each other and notices that there was no news about the Lannister army.Sansa says she warned everyone not to trust Cersei Lannister.Tirion mentions that they can trust their brother Jamie, but Dayneris, it seems , does not agree with this. discuss how they will protect the North from the army of the Night King.John Snow tells Robin that it is wise to turn the Eagle Nest into a trap and lure the CN into it.Robin is not particularly concerned and does not accept John's offer.With the meeting, Daneris tells John that the northerners are really stubborn and limited people.

Scene 5: Theon Greyjoy visits Godmother in Winterfell and reflects on his friend Robbe, meets with Brian Stark. He immediately apologizes to Bran for everything he did against the Stark House, but Bran tells him that there is no need. He knows that Theon redeemed his guilt, saved his sister Sansu. He saw how much Theon suffered at the hands of Ramsey. Theon asks him where he knows all this, but Bran does not answer it. Arya and Brienne are training, and John is impressed with his sister's fighting skills. Arya mentions that she never forgot John's first lesson - to stab enemies with the sharp end of the sword. John asks Arya why she did not join the meeting in Winterfell's Great Hall. Arya answers that Sansa is better versed in those things than she does.

Scene 6: In the Volantis, Lady Melisandra enters the Red Temple. She is welcomed by Kinvara. Melisandra tells Kinwar that she played her part in the Great War. She combined ice and fire. She served King John Snow, Promised Prince, and brought him back to life. Kinwara tells Melisandra that she served her God well, but she also made many mistakes, for which she will have to pay. Kinvara tells Melisandra that the Red God needs another victim from Melisandra, which will require her to return to the North. Melisandra replies that she is not allowed to enter the North. Kinwara smiles and replies to Melisandra that she can use her punishment for disobedience.

Scene 7: We see Jamie Lannister at the hotel when he meets Bronn. Jamie is surprised to see Bronn and ask him why he followed him. Bronn responds that he has nothing to do in this stinking city, and he is ready for some adventures in the North. Jame is glad that the Bronn is next to him. Bronn asks Jama why he left the woman he loves most, but Jamie does not fully answer his question. Then Bronn asks what Jamie is going to do. Jame tells Bronn that he is going to Riverrane to return the Lannister armored vehicles back. Bronn asks him why he refuses Rivanan. Jamie answers, but what's the point? What does he get from this? Edmour can reclaim Riverrane.

Scene 8: Tormund and Jendry arrive in Winterfell. John Snow asks Sansu why Bran did not join the meeting in the Great Hall and did not even talk to John. Sansa tells John that Bran has changed a lot and now calls himself "The Three-Eyed Crow." She tells John that he should not expect a serious conversation from him. Then Sam comes up and tells John that there is something he and Bran need to tell him urgently. John first sees Bran in Bogoroshche, when he looks back. John mentions that he faced a warg after the wall. Sam answers that Bran is much more than a varg, he is a tree-dweller. The two inform John Snow about his origins, to which John does not seem to believe. Bran tells John that he knows everything about him. He saw him behind the wall, surrounded by the Free People. He saw how he fought at Hardhoome against the Night King, and he saw how his own people stabbed him. John can not believe he is Targarien. Sam notices that John is the one who has real rights to the Iron Throne, not from Dayneris Targarien, but from Eigon Targarien.

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