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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Spoiler

Series 120 min.
• Scene 1
The first scene takes place in the Great Hall of Winterfell. Here there are John, Dayneris, Tirion, Davos and Sansa. Jandry and Tormund tell the crowd that the Wall has fallen, and the Night Watch has been destroyed. Tormund also mentions that the King of the Night flies on an undead dragon and that they are very serious opponents. Bran Stark confirms the story of Jandry and Tormund and tells that the King of the Night is heading to Winterfell. John Snow tells the others that they have nothing to lose, and asks Meister Volkan to inform all the standard bearers, all in the North, that one must be prepared for a battle with the Army of the Dead. They need to prepare for the Battle of Winterfell.

• Scene 2
After John Snow received so much new information about his origin, he goes to the crypt to visit the grave of his mother Lianna and her uncle, Ned Stark. Dayneris notices that there is something wrong with John and follows him into the crypt. She asks John what's wrong with him. John tells her that he is not even called John Snow. It was called "John Snow", because all life people's lies forced him to believe it. Dayneris is embarrassed and asks John to explain what it means, but John leaves the answer. Dayneris notices that John is keeping away from her.

• Scene 3
Dayneris emerges from the crypt, her condition is noticed by Zhora Mormont. He asks her what happened between her and John in the crypt, Dayneris says that she does not know what happened to John. She tells Zhora that John is hiding something from her. Zhora worries that Dayneris was away for several days. She responds that she has been feeling badly lately. Zhora invites her to undergo an examination from Meister Volkan.

• Scene 4
Quiburn enters the chambers of Cersei. He mentions that Cersei no longer remembers her miscarriage and that she needs time to rest and recover. Cersei responds that there is no time for this, and she does not want to talk about miscarriage any more. Quiburn leaves the room, Cersei watches from the window as snow falls on the Royal Harbor.

• Scene 5
The next episode is Jame, riding a horse in the snow. He and Bronn arrive at Riverrand and discover that Tally is again besieging Riverrain. Jaime takes the initiative and meets with Edmur. Edmour tells Jaime that he must chain him, but Jame replies that he will not fight for the damned castle. He offers Edmur to help his niece and nephew in the Great War against the King of the Night. He also promises to return Edmur Tally Riverrain, since it does not really matter who owns the castle at the moment. Edmur agrees not for the sake of Jame, but for the sake of his family.

• Scene 6
Most of the standard bearers of the House of Stark and the army of Dayneris arrived in Winterfell. Among them is Howland Reed. He arrived with his army and Mira Reed. A visitor comes to Arya. At first he looks like a standard standard-bearer from the House of Servin, but then quickly removes this face. It turns out that this is Yakin H'gar. Arya is surprised that Yakin visits her. Yakin tells Arie that the multifaceted God needs another death. This is the name that must be struck from her list. He explains that this is the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei Lannister. The price for it was paid. Who else from the servants of the many-faced God can do this better than Arya Stark ?. He gives Arya a bottle of poison and leaves it.

• Scene 7
John Snow selects a moment to talk with Howland Reed. He asks Howland to confirm Bran's story, but Howland does not admit. John Snow begs him to tell the truth, since Robert Baratheon is dead, now there is no point in lying. Howland ultimately confirms that Ned was carrying the child of Lianna when he left the Joy Tower. He promised Ned to keep it forever in secret. John thanks Howland for telling the truth.

• Scene 8
Knowing that the Undead army will arrive very soon, Tirion, John, Sansa, Arya, Brien, Podric, Davos, Tormund, Jyendry, Varis, Zhora, Theon, Dog, Gray Worm and Sam are discussing with the Starke standard bearers and Daenerys army commanders how they will defend the North. Presumably, the Last Hearth was already attacked by the White Walkers, and their castle was destroyed. Ned Amber is dead. Tirion speaks for Daeneris, who is absent due to illness. He comes forward with a plan to protect the North. Tormund, the remaining Free People, the Dothraki, the impeccable armed with dragon's glass, will attack from Dreadfort and they will go there. In turn, in Winterfell, dragons will meet the army of the Dead with fire, and the standard-bearers of the House of Stark and the Knights of the Valley will fight the weakened forces of the dead at Winterfall, hoping to destroy the Night King. John wants Brienne and Podrik to bring Sansa, Arya and Bran along with Robin Arren into the Eagle's Nest. Arya objects and claims that she is stronger than most men. They need Arya in the upcoming war. John insists, he does not want it. Zhora wants to fight with the House of Mormons, but Lianna reminds him that he betrayed his own house. Varis says that she has an information from the Royal Harbor. Presumably, Queen Sercea bought a large army of mercenaries, and Eiron Greyjoy took the Storm Reach to place the army there. Theon begs for an attack on the Storm Reach and Jaindry supports Theon, as it is his father's house. John promises to Theon that he will help destroy Euroon and save his sister after they deal with the King of the Night and his army. Now there is no time, because all their lives are in danger, and they have no choice but to face the CN and his army. John needs help from Theon and the iron-born. Disappointed Theon accepts John's offer.

• Scene 8
Missandeya visits Dayneris in her wards. Danny tells Missanside that Maester Volkan examined her and confirmed that she was pregnant. Missandeia asks why she is not happy then. Danierys answers that John has changed to her and does not understand why.

• Scene 9
"Free People", "Dotraki", "Flawless" are preparing to leave Winterfell. John asks Daenerys why she did not attend the important meeting, but Daenerys does not answer him. The world goes to say goodbye to Bran in Winterfell's Godfors, at which time Bran begins to behave very strangely. He begs the World to warn everyone that the King's Night army is already here. John is going to say goodbye to Sansa, when Mira is running to warn everyone. A huge snowstorm is approaching Winterfell. Chaos begins. The Army of the North and the army of Dayneris meet the army of the King of the Night. John orders Sanse, Aryeh and Daneris to stay in Winterfell. They are too valuable to lose, and he promises them that Winterfell will not fall. Varis, Tyrion, Robin, Sam, Sam's wife, Lianna and Missandeya also stay in Winterfell. Aria at first does not want, but then yields to John's request. Sansa asks the World to bring Bran into the castle as quickly as possible.

• Scene 10
A huge crowd of ghouls invades the field at Winterfell. First Dotraki meet the Army of the Dead, and at first many of them are carried out quite easily. The dead continue to arrive. The ghost is fighting with John and rescues him at some point from the impact of a ghoul who is trying to kill him. The ghost dies trying to save John. Inside Winterfell, Daenerys is disappointed that she is not able to help, she must fly to Drogon to destroy the undead. Missandey tells Deni that she should not fight while she is pregnant.

Sam tries to calm his family. Sansa, Tirion and Varis were caught unawares. Drogon appears on the battlefield and destroys most of the King's Night army, but also kills some soldiers from the North's army in the process. White walkers come forward with the King of the Night flying over them on Vizierion. Wieserion begins to destroy the army of the North. Lord Glover and Howland Reed die from dragon fire. Tormund leads the Free People and fights, but is killed by Drogon's fire. Drogonu also manages to kill the undead-giant. Mira wants Bran to leave Bogora, but Bran tells her that she can help John and the others. Bran is trying to mentally control Reigal. The world warns Bran that this is too dangerous and that they must go inside.

The troops of John and Dayneris are significantly reduced, while new and new ghouls continue to appear on the battlefield. White Walkers try to penetrate Winterfell. The gray worm encounters two White Walkers and can get one of them with its spear of dragon glass. Another White Walker kills the Gray Worm. Probably White Walkers try to invade Winterfell to destroy Bran. Brienne guards the castle with Podric, Zhora and Jainri. Inside the castle, the ghouls and the White Walkers begin to penetrate. Podrik is killed by a group of ghouls, which causes Brienne to go into a psychic attack and kill one of the White Walkers with the help of his Vallirian sword.

The world begs Brana to think better and go inside the castle, but Bran refuses. He wants Mira to go to the castle. Mira replies that she will stay with him until the end. Jame Lannister and Tully's forces come to the aid of the troops of the North in time. Bran varged inside Reigal, and the dragon begins to fight the undead Vizirion, trying to bite him right in the neck, but also gets seriously injured during the fight. Reigal begins to breathe fire into Wieserion and it seems that makes the Night King begin a retreat from the battlefield on Vizirion's injured back.

The world understands that for them this is the end. White Walkers follow Bran and kill the World. Viserion and Rheegal continue to fight with each other, they are both seriously injured. It seems that the dragon fire can harm the Night King. White Walkers kill Bran, Reigal falls to the ground and is killed by the ghouls. But the army of the undead of the Night King begins to decrease. We see how Jaime commands his men and fights the remaining undead with Bronn. John fights along with Dog and Davos. The dog fights like a god. When John sees the King of the Night's army withdrawing, he orders everyone to leave the battlefield as soon as possible and, together with Davos and Psom, keeps everyone safe from leaving the battlefield. Knights of the Valley, Sansa, Brienne and Robin go to Eagle's Nest. Arya, Dog, Jame Lannister, Bronn, Edmur Tally, Tully and Lannister troops retire to Riverrain. John, Davos, Tyrion, Varis, Missandey, Jorah (Zhora), Sam and his family, Theon, the remaining forces of the Impeccable and Dotrak are leaving to the south. Lianna Mormont and her people retreat to the Bear Island.

• Scene 11 (last)
The last thing we see is John and Dayneris on Drogon's back, watered by the dragon fire of all the dead, including the dead Reigal. Both sides suffered huge losses in this battle.

• Deaths: Gray Worm, Tormund, Podrik, Mira, Bran, Reigal, Lord Glover, Howland Reed

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