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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Spoiler

This episode is slightly shorter than the others and lasts +/- 60 minutes.
• John, Deyneris, Sansa, Robin, Lord Royce, Jame, Bronn, Edmur, Varis, Brienne, Tirion, Jorah, Jandry, Sam and his wife, Davos, Missandey and Theon all arrive in the Serov Watch. However, not all of these characters appear on the screen. They stop here and discuss their strategy to defeat the King of the Night definitively.

Inside the Seraphic Watch, John, Deyneris, Sansa, Robin, Lord Royce, Jame, Bronn, Edmur, Tyrion, Sam and Davos discuss the plan of action. John suggests waiting for the Night King's attack on the Eagle's Nest, since it is very difficult to penetrate this fortress. Tirion jokes that the Night King needs no more than 10 normal men to infiltrate the whore (the play of words - impregnate has several meanings), but only Bronn reacts to this joke. The remaining Lannister and Tally armies defend Riverrain along with Edmur, Tyrion, Jame and Bronn. When the Eagle Nest is attacked, the King's Night army must be lured to the Blood Gate, and it is then that the Lannister and Tally forces must join the attackers. Theon must return to Pike and protect him along with the remaining army of the North and the Ironborn. John notices that Arya and the Dog are not in the Seraphic Watch. Edmur assures that Arya did not die, but simply disappeared when they retreated from Winterfell. Sansa says that Arya will be safe with the Dog. She always survives one way or another. John also wants Sanza and Brienne to join Robin and Jaindry at the Eagle Nest, where they are likely to be more secure than they are now. John remains with Davos, Jame, Jorah, Bronn, Tyrion and Edmur in Riverrane. John wants Daneris to go to the Dragon Stone with Varis and Missandeya. Sam and his family have to go with her. Meanwhile, Meister Volkan received bad news. Lianna Mormont did not get to Bear Island and was killed.

The next frame - Arya and the Dog, travels along the Royal Route. The dog grumbles that Arya, that she was to follow her brother and sister, and that Arya is a stupid girl, travels alone in the North, when the Army of the Undead wanders around. Arya answers to Psa that he can leave if he is frightened. The dog understands that Arya is heading to the Royal Lands, but he does not understand why. Arya says that she needs to cross out one name from her list. The dog laughs and asks Ariu why she is still holding this fucking list, because everyone will die soon enough. Arya replies that she needs to kill Cersei herself. The dog agrees with Arya and says that he also has some unfinished business with his brother. A couple meets an old woman who asks the King of the North. The dog says that the old woman should not be alone in the forest when the army of the King of the Night approaches. The old woman says that she is not afraid of the dead. Arya tells the woman that she thinks that John Snow has gone south, probably to Dragon Island. The old woman looks at Arya and tells her that they have met before. Arya is puzzled by this, the old lady is leaving.

At night, characters from the Serov's Watch are sleeping in huts. John chats the last time with Howland Reed, asking if he joins them in the south, since the White Walkers are likely to soon come to the Watchmaker's Watch. Howland Reed says he's ready to die. He no longer cares about his life, now that all his children have left this world. He tells John Snow that Walkers can get it. He tells John that he also needs to pay for his sin the killing of Arthur Dane in the back. He tells John the story of how he saw Ned Stark with the baby John in his arms. His uncle always wanted to keep him safe, even willing to sacrifice his life for John. Howland tells John that he learns many features of Ned in John Snow and says that John will become a good ruler on the Iron Throne. John insists that he is not interested in this and leaves Howland Reed.

• Then we see Cersei in the Royal Lands. Quiburn visits the Desnitsa apartment and tells Cersei that Winterfell was attacked and that Daenerys and Jon lost most of their army. Cersei smiles. Quiberney also reports that the Lannister army joined the Battle of Winterfell. Cersei asks if Jame survived, but Cyburn says he does not know. Cersei suggests that he did not survive. After that, we see Euron, who returns to the Royal Lands. He comes to tell Cersei that the Golden Swords have successfully captured the Storm Reach and that their army is assembled there. He says that he finally wants to receive his reward, and they should not wait any longer to get married and owe their husband and wife tonight. Sersi reluctantly agrees.

The "Greywater Watch" is still night, and the characters stay there until the morning. John and Dayneris sleep together in the hut. Daniieris finally tells John that she is pregnant. John is surprised and expresses his happiness to Dayneris. He jokes that this is the only thing that happened to them good at the moment. He also asks about the health of his child, since they are relatives with Daneris. Daniheris reassures John that the Targariens have been engaged in inbreeding for many years, and she has excellent health.

Dayneris thinks she has a son again, and asks John how he would call his son. John believes that he should be named after the greatest man he knew in his life, the one who saved his life, his uncle Ned Stark. He wants his son to be named Eddard Targarien. Danierys repeats the name and smiles. She says that she really likes it. They start kissing. Jame also visits the Brienne hut. Brienne mourns over the death of Podric, telling him that Podrik was the man who least deserved to die. Jame tells Brienne that he was a good guy, and he was lucky that he was near Brienne all this time.

• The dog and Arya kindle a fire at night. The dog asks how she managed to cross out almost all the names from her list, but instead of replying, Arya tells him to shut up. She hears some strange sounds. Not much later, a group of dead men attack Arya and Dog. These two begin to fight the dead, but more and more new dead people, as they are attracted by the noise. Suddenly, Nimeria appears and a large pack of wolves joins the fight and kills a large number of undead. A lot of wolves also die. When most of the undead is killed, the Dog says that they must flee as quickly as possible, before another group of undead arrives to kill them. Arya discovers that she lost Eagle during the battle, but the Dog insists that there is no time to search for the damned sword and we must immediately leave. This time, Arya manages to force Nemery to follow her and Psom.

• The wedding between Sercea Lannister and Evuron Greyjoy takes place in the Throne Room. Eureon looks very happy, Cersei - no. Quiburn married them. Cersei wears a dense, long black dress. During the wedding, she looks pretty sad. The wedding scene itself does not take long, and switches to a wedding bed. Next is the composition of two scenes - Cersei and Euron have sex and at the same time Jame and Brienne also have sex in their hut. Jame and Cersei are still thinking about each other.

• The next morning everyone leaves Serovodny Watch, John and Sansa say goodbye to each other. John asks Jandry to keep his sister safe. Dayneris and John also say goodbye and leave each other. Dayneris tells John that Drogon must stay with him. John will need it to fight the Night King. Two kisses before parting. Jorah still has problems looking at it. We see how all the characters diverge.

• Died: many undead and wolves, Lianna Mormont (outside the screen)

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