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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Spoiler

• The first scene takes place in the Royal Lands. Sensei talks to Quibern, Euron and the three commanders of the Golden Swords. Quiberney tells them that Dayneris and John have split their army and that Jaime is currently with John and Edmur in Riverrane, probably awaiting the King of the Night attack. Pike again captured Theon Greyjoy and John's army, which are clearly annoyed by Euron. The Deyneris went back to the Dragon Stone. Cersei laughs and says that she hopes that Night King will soon devour their armies. They do not want to wait long, and the Golden Swords will attack the Dragonstone, as the army of the Deyneris has significantly decreased. Euron Greyjoy looks at the Iron Throne when Cersei joins him in the Throne Room. She asks Eroon why he does not attack Pike, because his nephew took it. At first, Euron believes that this is a stupid idea to go north now, but Cersei convinces him to teach his enemies another lesson. Euron decides to take his fleet and go to Pike.

Cersei and Quiburn observe how Euron sails. Qyburn asks Cersei if it is wise to send an important ally to the North at the moment. Cersei answers Quiburn - she hopes that her enemies will cope with Euron Greyjoy and that he will never return to the Royal Lands.

• Daenerys, Sam, Gilly, Varys and Missandei returned to Dragonstone. Varis tells Daenerys that Cersei hired the Golden Swords and that Ehron's ships were seen leaving Korlevskie Zemli. They can attack her at any time. Dayneris agrees and hopes that John with the company will end up with the army of the Night King as quickly as possible. When Dayneris takes a bath, Missandeya notices that her pregnancy is already noticeable. Daniheris asks Missandaniya how she relates to the death of the Gray Worm, Missande responds that she misses him all the time. Missunda asks Daeneris if she misses John. Dayneris says that yes, he misses. The next scene is Sam with Gilly and Little Sam. Samwell wants Gilly to go to Hornhill with little Sam. They are not safe on the Dragon Stone with enemies from all sides. Gilly reminds Sam that he promised not to leave them, but Sam insists that they should leave. They will be safe with their mother and sister. He promises that he will fight for them.

• Jame, John, Bronn, Tirion, Jorah and Edmur are in the Riverrane. John says that the Army of the Dead was seen in Gemini, you must immediately send the armies of Lannister and Tally to Eagle's Nest, soon the dead will appear there. Tirion finds time to ask Jamie about Cersei and why he decided to leave her. Jame tells Tirion that Sergi will never find peace after the death of her children and preferred to betray everyone in the Dragon's Den by hiring a Gold Company. Their relationship is completely broken. Tyrion reminds the others that Dayneris is not safe on the Dragonstone, now that Cersei has behind him an army of mercenaries. Now she can attack the Dragonstone. Jorah believes that his place should be next to his queen, whom he promised to protect at any cost. John agrees and lets go. John sends a letter to his sister Sansa to tell her that the Army of the Dead will soon reach the Valley and now their own army marches to the Valley right now.

• Cersei stands with the commanders of the Golden Swords on the giant map of Västerås. She orders the commanders to take their men, on the remaining ships of Euryon go to the Dragonstone and capture Dayneris Targarien. She can not wait to personally kill an overseas whore. The commanders go to carry out her order.

• Sansa receives a letter from John Snow and orders the Lords of the Valley to prepare. She convinces Robin Arren that Lord Royce must lead the Knights of the Valley. Robin tells Sanse that he is going to fight with them. Sansa tells Robin that this is not a good idea and that he should be safe. Robin laughs and tells Sanse that he is not a girl, unlike Sansa. Between Jindri and Sansa there is a conversation. Sansa asks Jindri to meet with Arya, but Jindry tells Sansa that this is too long a story. It seems that Saenza and Jainri are well together, Sansa thanks Jindri for fighting with them.

• Missandey meets an old woman on the Dragon Stone. First the old lady asks John Snow, but then she meets Daneris with pleasure. It seems that this is the real Melissandra, who came to bring important news. Old Melissandra tells them that a great last sacrifice should be made if they want to win the war and that it will require the true blood of the king. Old Melisandra points to the child of Dayneris. Dayneris is furious and immediately sends the old lady away. Before leaving Old Melisandra, Varis talks to her outside. Melisandra reveals his identity to him, and Varis is shocked. She tells Varis that he should remember that the voice said in the fire. He must be the one who will save ordinary people from death. She asks Varis to fulfill the prophecy and save Vasteras. Varis can not utter a word. Melisandra leaves Draconic Stone and the series.

• The next scene takes place in Pike. Theon Greyjoy sits on his father's throne when his people come to tell him that Eureon Greyjoy has arrived at Pike. Eureon is talking to Theon outside the castle. He has Yara and Eureon tells Theon that he must give up Pike or he cuts his throat to his sister. Suddenly, Theon begins to notice that it is getting colder, and he can see his breath. He tells Euron - "they came," but Euron at first does not understand. Rises the scream and the undead begins the invasion of Pike. Jara seizes the moment and Eura's kick is released. Theon begs Yara to flee to the Dragonstone. Yara wants Theon to go with her, but tells her that she will not let her down this time. She runs off on a small ship with several loyal people. Theon fights against Eureon himself. The Northerners and the Ironborn fight with the undead. Euron takes the upper hand and thrusts the ax directly into the body of Theon. Theon dies immediately, Eureon laughs. He asks his people to leave Pike on their ships. Many of his people are dying, but Euron managed to escape.

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