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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Spoiler

The first scene will include only the soundtrack of R. Javadi, during the first five minutes there are no dialogues. First we see how the Knights of the Valley are preparing to attack. Then we see how the armies of Lannister, Tally and Stark go to the Valley. Jame, Tirion, Edmur and Bronn lead their fighters. Then we see how the Golden Swords board the ships of Euryon. The Valley Knights watch as the huge snow storm slowly approaches, Lord Royce commands the armies to keep their spears with dragon-glass tips ready for battle. Robin Arren will fight behind Lord Royce. Lord Royce is not too happy that Robin Arren commands his people. It's written on his face.

The first phrase comes from Lord Royce, who orders his people to be ready. Further, the Undead begins to pass through the Blood Gate. Robin Arren commands archers, but epic merges. Inside the Eagle's Nest, we see Lady Sansu along with Jindri and Brienna from Tartu. Jindri bids farewell to Sansa and joins the battle. Sansa tells Jindri that she hopes very much for his return. Jandry expresses his doubts about this. Brienne from Tartu also wants to join the battle, but Sans do not really like this idea. She wants Brienne to stay with her, but Brienne says that she can not save Sansa anyway, if the undead invades the Eagle's Nest. She vowed to protect Sansu, and the best way to do this is to keep the entrance to the Valley from penetrating the army of the King of the Night. Sansa hugs Brienne and thanks her for everything she did to protect the Stark family. Brienne goes to join the battle.

The next scene takes place on the Dragonstone. To the Dragonstone comes the information that the Golden Swords came out to attack Queen Dayneris. Dayneris orders his Immaculate and Dotrakians to protect the Dragon Stone from being invaded. Varis advises her to leave the island immediately, but Dayneris does not listen to his advice. She realizes that she has run out of water and is ready to give birth right now. Missandey and Sam help Daneris and stack her. Samwell is concerned that baby Dayneris is about to be born.

Next, we see how three White Walkers from afar are watching the army of the undead defeating the Knights of the Valley. The King of the Night flies on the Visiorion over the White Walkers, watching the spectacle of the battle. Vizirion, apparently, lost one eye, and his right wing was seriously damaged. Brienne is fighting for her life. Robin Arren is attacked by several dead and escapes, hiding inside the Eagle's Nest. Sansa reminds Robin that he promised to fight with his people, but Robin is not interested in the survival of his people. Brienne, Lord Royce and Jainri continue to fight, but for now they look like a losing side. White Walkers invade the Eagle's Nest. You can hear the roar of the Undead Dragon. Blue-eyed undead-Wizirion flies over Lord Royce and his people and sets them on fire. Then we hear the roar of another dragon. The King of the Night looks around and sees John Snow on Drogon rushing to the aid of the Knights of the Valley. At the same time, we see how Tally, Lannister and the troops of the North join the battle. A huge amount of undead is set on fire by Drogon, while the Västerås armies kill them. However, it seems that the dragon fire does not affect the White Walkers. Bronn, armed with two spears from a dragon's glass, kills White Walker. Jame sees that Brienne has problems with another White Walker. She gets a blow from him in the stomach at a time when the distraught Jamie beats White Walker in the back. Brienne is dying, Jaime is holding her in her arms. She asks Jaime to protect Sansu and Arya, as she promised to Lady Caitlin. Jaime says that she will do it for her. The last phrase Brienne Jaime - you are a man of honor. Brienne dies in his arms.

Arya, the Dog and Nimery enter the snow-covered Royal Harbor. The dog notices that there is no more crappy city, and Arya agrees. Arya remarks that the city has changed a lot since she left, and passes by Baylor's destroyed septum. This place reminds her of Ned Stark. She tells Psa that the Lannisters have to pay their debts.

Daenerys gives birth. Sam and Missandey help her. Varis sees how a small part of the Golden Swords lands on the shore of the Dragonstone. Impeccable try to stop them at the entrance to the stairs to the castle. The Dotrak fight with them on the shore. Jorah and a small part of the North Army also join the battle. Jorah tries to get inside the castle to protect Dayneris.

In the Eagle's Nest, the army of the undead quickly decreases. Edmur is very good at managing his people; Tirion too. The King of the Night no longer flies on the Vizierion, but tries to get inside the Eagle Nest with the other White Walkers. Wizirion attacks Jindri and opens his mouth to throw a flame at him. But Jandri throws a spear from the dragon glass directly into the mouth of the dragon. Undead Viserion falls on the rocks at the Blood Gate, and at this moment Drogan finishes the work, setting fire to Wizirion.

Jorah enters the Dragon Castle and discovers that Dayneris is giving birth. Her prospects are not bright. Sad Sam comes to the conclusion that the mother and the child can not survive together, and he can save only one of them. Jorah wants Dayneris to survive, but Dayneris does not want to abandon her child. Sam is determined with the decision, and Denerie manages to deliver her child. Sam tells Dayneris that she gave birth to a girl and give her a name. A very weak Dayneris wants to name her child Lianna, since John would have liked it. Daenerys at death, Missandei, Varys and Jorah understand this. The Golden Swords win and invade the stairs to the castle. Dayneris bids farewell to Jraham and thanks him for what he always was for her. Jorah expresses his love for her, and Dayneris asks Jorah to swear that he will ensure the safety of her daughter along with Missanday. She asks Jorakh to free her from suffering and kill her. Jorah says that he can never do it. This is done by Varis, who takes the sword of Sam, the "Destroyer of Hearts" and pierces it in the heart of Deyneris.

The King of the Night and the White Walkers manage to penetrate the Eagle Nest Castle, John observes. Sansa and Robin Arren are still in the Eagle's Nest. The King of the Night and the White Walkers are now inside the Eagle's Nest, one White Walker is attacking Robin. Robin tries to protect herself, but the White Walker pierces Robin with a spear, which causes him to fall into the Moon Door. Sense manages to grab the spear of Robin, at this moment the White Walker is killed. This was done by John Snow, who came to save Sansu. John wants Sanza to jump over the Moon door directly onto Drogon's back. John and Sansa are now together on the back of Drohon, who destroys the Castle of the Eagle's Nest. John stabs his Long Claw sword into the King of the Night and kills him. The King of the Night dies, at this moment the castle collapses.

Cersei Lannister and Horus meet Quiburn in the Throne Room. He came to tell Cersei that Dayneris had been defeated. Cersei laughs and they both drink to celebrate the victory. Cersei starts dizzy, and the audience realizes that in fact there is Arya with the face of Quiberius. She poisoned Sasha with a bottle of Yakin. Quiburn enters with confrontation with Cersei and Cersei understands that there is something wrong here. At that moment, Arya shows her real face. She tells Cersei that a lion should never cross a pack of wolves. Cersei pleads with Gora to kill Arya, but Arya tells her that this will not help. She lets Nemeriyah and Dog go to finish the job. Nimerya seriously injures Sersei, the Dog beats with the Mountain. Arya completes Seresa by cutting her throat. Nimery and the Dog destroy Gora, but he does not seem to die. The mountain loses its helmet at some point, and then the Dog manages to burn the face of the Mountain with fire. The mountain remains to die, and the Dog, Arya and Nimeri leave the Red Castle

The Golden Swords break into the castle on the Dragonstone and order Varis to give them Dayneris. Varis tells them that Dayneris has died, and the mercenaries take Varis out of their way, stabbing him. They actually find the body of Deyneris and take it with them to deliver it to Queen Cersei. Sam hides with Mississandey and the baby Denis. Golden swords return to the Royal Harbor.

Eureon Greyjoy returns to the Royal Lands and learns that Queen Cersei was killed. He pretends to be offended by her death.

John Snow and Suns Stark come to the Dragon Stone to find out that everyone has died. Sam meets him on the stairs with John's baby in his arms. John begins to cry. He asks if Daineris has asked for anything to be done for him, but Sam sadly replies that he does not. He says that Denis called her daughter Lianna.

• The last scene of the episode is the coronation of King Eiron I of Greyjoy. He became the king of seven kingdoms.

Deaths: Lord Royce, Brienne of Tartu, Robin Arren, Undead Vizirion, Queen Dayneris Targarien, King of the Night, Quiburn (off-camera), Queen Sercea Lannister, Horus and Varis.

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