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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Spoiler

The first scene takes place on the Dragon Stone. Jame, Bronn, Jaindry, Tyrion and Sir Davos return to Daconian Stone. Edmur supposedly returned to Riverrand. John meets them and tells them about the death of Dayneri. Tirion is very saddened when he hears that Dayneris has died and is conversing with John Snow on the rocks of the Dragonstone. He tells John that he believed in Dayneris. He believed that Denis could make this world a better place than now. Next, Tirion asks what Daneris killed. John mentions that she died during childbirth, and the Golden Swords took her body to give it to Cersei Lannister. Tirion asks what happened to the child, John replies that their girl is alive and well. Tyrion smiles, and then notices the solitary Greyjoe ship, floating to the Dragonstone. John and Tyrion go to the ship. It was none other than Jara Greijo. Yara reports that she escaped from Eiron, but lost almost all of her army. John asks her about the whereabouts of Theon, and she tells him that Theon probably did not survive the invasion of the dead

• The next frame is the body of Deyneris hanging on the wall of the Royal Harbor. People mock him. Nearby is the hotel, where now live Arya and the Dog. They hear that now Euron is king and that the Royal Harbor is likely to face another attack by the enemies of Euron. Arya wants to help John, but Dog thinks he's done with this shit. Arya says that she does not care what the Dog does, but she will fight with her brother. The dog eventually agrees to stay with her and help John and the Company.

Then we see how Eureon Greyjoy talks to the commanders of the Golden Swords in the Throne Room. He thanks them for bringing the body of the Queen of Dragons to him, but he is hurt that he is not necrophilous. Now, if she had been brought alive, he would have fucked her. Eureon Greiggio expects that the King of the North will come to settle and wants to strike first. Euryon orders the new Meister to send a crow to every kingdom and write that all the Great Lords must swear fidelity to him, otherwise he will attack them with his army of mercenaries.

• John, Jame, Bronn, Tirion, Jorah, Sansa, Jendry, Davos, Missandeya, Samwell and Jara are present at the military council, discussing Eiron Greyjoy. Eureon Greyjoy declared himself the king of seven kingdoms after the tragic death of Queen Sercea. Jame is convinced that Euron is behind the murder of Queen Cersei and in a rage. Jara agrees with Jamie. Davos expresses his opinion that this madman should not manage the seven kingdoms, and they must resist with all the forces that they have. Jendry expresses his hatred for Euron, as he captured the Storm Lands. Tirion and Jaime want to use the Lannister army to fight Euryon. Tirion also thinks that they must convince the devoted lords of Dayneris that they must continue to fight for John and for the descendants of Denis. Thus, they have the North, the Lannister army, the remaining Dotrak, the Impeccable and the Drogon. Samwell, later mentions the origin of John, but John does not want Samwell to tell others about it. John clearly states that he never wanted to become king. But Davos vouches for him. He tells others that John is the last chance to save people from Västerås from the dirty hairy paws of Eiron Grajdjo and he believes that John will be a good king. John is their only hope. The rest agree with Davos, and John eventually takes his new title.

• After the military council, John talks with his sister, Sansa. Sansa is frightened by the origin of John, she finds it hard to believe that their father lied to his family, Caitlin, John. John asks Sanz to take care of the North and Winterfell, because she is the heiress of Winterfell. She agrees and tells John that she will leave the Dragonstone anyway. They embrace before parting. Missande tells John that the old woman has come again. Old Melisandra tells that she is ready to pay for her sins and reveals her identity. She tells a shocked audience that she fulfilled her role and that the prophecy had come true. Davos orders to kill the witch. Jendry agrees with Davos. Missandea also says that this witch was trying to convince Denis that he was sacrificed to his child by the God of Light. John offers to hang Old Melissandra, but Melisandra asks John to kill him with fire, because this is the purest form of death. She is executed by Drogon's fire outside the castle.

The ships begin to leave Draconian Stone to sail to the Black Sea Bay. Tyrion, Missandey, Davos, Samwell and the infant Lianna remain in the Dragon. On ships are seen Jora, Gendry, Jaime and Bronn. John asks Tirion and Missandeya to take care of Lianna if he does not return alive. John also bids farewell to Samuel and thanks him for always being loyal to him.

• Euron stands on the walls of the Royal Harbor and sees the Targarien ships approaching. You can also see the rotting body of the unhappy Deyneris. We see John Snow, dressed in the Targarien / Stark armor and flying on Drogon over the ships. Euron nominates scorpions, which were modernized by his order. The Lannister people land on the shore and the battle begins. We see how the soldiers of the Golden Swords defend the city walls. Two commanders of Swords ride on elephants. Elephants are attacked by several Lannister warriors. We can see how the Army of the North joins the Lannisters and the Dotraki cover the battlefield from the flanks. John and Drogon join the battle, and Drogon fires one of the commanders with a slonopotam. A poor animal in convulsions kills several people before their death. We see how Yara takes the ax's hands, and Jendry crushes human skulls with a hammer. Euron commands his men to fill Drogon with scorpions. He has three. At first they do not work, but then Drohonu gets into the right wing twice, forcing him to land. Army Lannister, the army of Stark and Dotrak fiercely fighting and breaking through the city gates. John is trying to fly with Drohon to the Dragon's Den, because Drohon is wounded and can no longer fly. Arya notices that Drogon is flying towards the Dragon's Den. Meanwhile, the Dog joins Jame, Bronn and Jorah. Jendry and Jara decide to make their way to the Red Castle, where they think they're hiding now, Euron. On the very Euron orders his people to attack the Dragon's Den to destroy the dragon along with John Snow. Bronn and Jame see Euryon along with the Golden Swords, which move towards the Dragon's Den and follow them. Jake begins to realize that John is in danger. He is the only one, except Tirion, who knows that there was a wild fire under the Dragon's Log. If Drohon begins to breathe fire, then the wild fire can explode and destroy everything and everything.

Arya and Nimeria come to the Dragon's Den and see John courting the wounded Drohon. John tries to pull the spears out of Drogan's wings. John is very surprised to see Ariu and wants her to immediately leave

Royal Harbor. Arya at first does not want to leave John, says that he wants to fight with them. Arya strokes Drohon, commenting that she always dreamed of riding a dragon when she was a little girl and read stories about Targharien warriors. John smiles, but begs Aria to leave the Dragon's Lair right now, because they are in grave danger. They both embrace, Arya decides to listen to John and leave. She is clearly upset that she left John.

• Jara and Jendry are in the Red Castle, but quickly come to the conclusion that Euron ran to the Dragon's Den, much to Yara's annoyance, because she wanted to kill her uncle.

• Euron and the Golden Swords break into the Dragon's Den. Eureon begins to fight with John Snow. Jamie hurries to the Dragon's Den, along with Dog, Jorakh and some Lannister warriors to get John out of there. Bronn does not want to risk his life and stays where he was. Eureon almost manages to kill John Snow, but this Jamee suddenly beats his sword from behind and mortally wounded. Jame tries to get John out of the Dragon's Den, while Jorah and the Dog fight with the other mercenaries. The Golden Swords continue to throw spears at Drogon and Drogan dies. Before his death, Drogon unknowingly releases fire, causing Drake Logv to tremble. Jame understands that Drogon forced a wild fire to explode under the Dragon's Log and tells John to run that power. Mortally wounded, Euron laughs and before his death says that the fluffy northern animal came to all those present. John, the Dog, Jame and Jorah try to escape, but too late, and the wild fire consumes all of the Dragon's Den. Nobody leaves alive. Jara and Jendry watch the explosion of wild fire from afar with great horror. Everyone flees from the Royal Harbor, as any other wild-fire pools can ignite.

• The next scene occurs in Dragonstone. Tyrion sees several Targarin ships returning to Draconstone. Jara and Theon inform Tyrion, Davos, Samwell and Missandey about the explosion of wild fire, and that John, his brother and Jorah, probably did not survive. Tyrion is broken when he hears such news, and Samwell and Davos are also broken when they hear about John's death. Samwell and Davos have a small conversation, and Samwell asks Davos what he will do next. Davos tells Sam that he will probably return to his wife, since he has not been home for too long. Samwell smiles and tells Davos that he plans to do the same.

• Then we see that Arya and Nimeria sit on the ship, Arya tells the captain that she has finished with Vesteras. The captain asks what the little girl and the wolf in Essosa are going to do, now that the world has arrived in Västerås. Arya answers "Valar Morgulis". We see that the ship of Arya is moving to the east.

Has passed or has taken place 3 years.

The next scene - Sam teaches little Sam to read. His wife Lady Tarley, as her name is now, is Lady Prostora. Sam's mother, his wife and sister look at the big Sam and little Sam, and tell each other how they love both.

Sam comes up to them and asks what they are talking about, but Sam's mother jokes that this is purely a woman's conversation. Sam and his wife are together. She has good news for Sam. She's pregnant. Sam clearly in seventh heaven, when he finds out that he has his own child. He also promises that he will always treat Little Sam as his own son, and one day he will inherit the Space.

• The next scene will take us to Winterfell, where we can see how Lady Sansa and Lord Jindri live together. Sansa watches with Jandry, Edmur and Roslin, like the sons of Edmur sparring. Edmur still holds the title of Lord of the Riverana. Sansa remarks that one of the sons of Edmur carries Arya's sword, Igloo, and asks how he got it. Edmour replies that his son, Willem, found a sword in the forest when they hunted. Edmur asks Sansu if her sister is alive, to which Sansa responds that yes, probably, is alive. Arya always found a way to somehow survive. Sansa and Jendry visit the Winterfell Crypt. The statue of John stands in the crypt. Jendry asks Sans whether John really is there. Sansa says that this is the only place where John really is quiet, next to his real father Ned and next to his brothers. Gendry jokes that in fact, John was not called "John." Sansa says that John will always be John Snow for her. Sansa mentions that she still has a lot of work to do, since she is now Lady Winterfell and Lady of the Valley. She asks what Jandri will do with the Storm End, now that he is free. Jandri says that he plans to occupy him, since he was recognized as the true Barateon by the regent king.

• And then we will see the Regent King and the Hand of Queen Linna Targarien - Tirion Lannister. Tirion watches Missandey read Lianne's tales of the adventures of Reinis and Vissenya Targarien before the child goes to bed. Lynna asks if her mother drove on the dragons, and Missandey replies that she was a strong warrior. The next scene, Tirion and Missandeya, in bed with each other talking about Lianna, about the fact that Lianna - not the easiest child. Tirion mentions that Lianna is thoughtful. Missandey laughs and tells Tyrion that he should not have expected another from the child of John and Dayneris. Tirion tells Missande that she is doing an excellent job of teaching Lianna, and they are starting to have sex. The last scene with Tirion - he stands with Lianna on a giant map of Västerås. Tirion tells Lianne that one day she will rule the Seven Kingdoms. He explains that in the North and in the Valley, Lady Sansa Stark, the only remaining child of Stark, is currently ruled, and that she married Lord Jindri Baratheon, Lord of the Stormlands. River lands are managed by Edmur Tally. Currently, Tirion himself is responsible for Casterly Rock, but the castle itself remains vacant. The expanse is ruled by Lord Samuel Tartley, the son of Randill Tartley. The Iron Bullies are currently run by Jara Greijo. Lianna asks about Dorn, standing on which Tirion replies that now Dorn is ruled by one of Oberin's daughters. She is married to a man who has always dreamed of having his castle and being married to a beautiful young lady. Now he has this and that. Then Tirion and Lianna go to the Iron throne. Tirion warns Lianna that the Game of Thrones is not a children's toy, and it is necessary to pay dearly for it. Of course, Tirion assures Lianna that she will never have to deal with the Games of Thrones alone, and he will always be there. The last shot - Lianna and Tirion together look at the Iron Throne.

• We end our epic in the Far North, in the Eternal Winter Lands. A lonely White Walker carries Bran Stark's body to the altar. Remember that the Night King stabbed Bran in episode 2? So - he was stabbed in Dragon's Glass in the heart. The White Walker performs a certain ritual, and Bran opens his eyes. They are bright blue. The White Walker places the crown on Bran's head, and the altar slowly opens with ice. Winter Is Coming…

DEATH: Melisandra, all three Commanders of the Golden Swords, Euron Greyjoy, John Snow, he's Eigon Targarin, Jame Lannister, Jorah Mormont, the Dog

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