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SPB v17.2

How do I extract AleegoCrackMasterV2 from 4160_1234567890.torrent?

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1. Remove old versions of Cadense and clean the registry.
2. Disable the antivirus.
3. Unpack the folder AleegoCrackMasterV2_1_2.7z
4. Go inside the folder AleegoCrackMasterV2_1_2 / AleegoCrackMasterV2 and on behalf of the Administrator run the file AleegoCrackMasterV2.exe
5. Remove the scoreboard in the middle with the closing cross.
6. Click in the lower right corner to compet.
7. In the window that appears, in the second line, use the first button to select the archive Cadence SPB 17.2-2016 in the folder "Backup_Cadence" www.mr-wu.cn.7z
8. In the third row, use the button on the right to select the disk where this package will be installed
9. Click in the lower right corner of the last button
10. In the appeared window click on the blue circle three times
11. A window will open in which the installation process will be displayed